Setting up a ProjectΒΆ

Infobiotics Workbench takes advantage of the default Eclipse platform functionality for creating and maintaining projects. Please follow the steps below, in order to create a sample project and a sample IBL model fie.

  1. Starting from a clean workspace, a new project can be created by clicking the Create a project... button, as below:
Creating a new project from clean workspace

Alternatively, a new project can be created alongside others in the workspace by clicking File -> New -> Project, as depicted below:

Creating a new project from File menu
  1. From the New Project wizard, choose General -> Project and click Next. After providing the project name, click Finish, as in the pictures below:
New Project wizard Step 1
New Project wizard Step 2
  1. In order to create a new IBL model file, select New -> File from the contextual menu of a project:
Creating a new IBL model file
  1. From the Create new file wizard, please choose the destination project to create the new model into, then specify the IBL model file name and click Finish. Please note that an IBL model file must have the .ibl extension:
New IBL model file wizard
  1. As IBL is based on Xtext, a confirmation pop-up will be displayed, asking for the project to be converted into an Xtext project. Please confirm the conversion by clicking Yes:
Convert to Xtext project pop-up