Infobiotics Workbench features automated biocompilation capabilities for the models specified in Infobiotics Language, mapping the design to the specific nucleotide sequences that can be produced and incorporated into host cells. For this purpose, IBW integrates with the ATGC (Assistant To Genetic Compilation) tool.

  1. The biocompilation feature can be accessed by activating the IBW Biocompilation perspective.
The Biocompilation Perspective Button
  1. Once the biocompilation perspective is activated, a dedicated Biocompiler view will appear and will be docked in the right side of the workbench. Clickig on the Refresh Model button, in the Biocompiler view, will perform and display a list of the genetic molecular pars to be used for biocompilation, while the Compile button becomes enabled;
The Biocompilation View
  1. Finally, clicking on the Compile button, in the Biocompiler view, will perform the actual biocompilaton, while the results will be displayed in the Biocompilation Results view, which is docked at the bottom of the workbench.
The Biocompilation Results